Wirtin Margret spielt Akkordeon Bacchusstube Hotel-Restaurant-Donaublick Sigmaringen Scheer
Wein und Gesang Bacchusstube Hotel-Restaurant-Donaublick Sigmaringen Scheer

Where to sing
let yourself down ...

Our wine bar offers the right setting
for a convivial evening or the finale
a nice day.

Host Margret

Wirtin Margret in der Bacchusstube Hotel-Restaurant-Donaublick Sigmaringen Scheer

Sociable and comfortable

The wine bar for a cozy evening for two or with friends. The right setting for a convivial ending with a quarter of a glass of wine.

Swabian delicacies

On Thursday and Friday evening, hostess Margret serves her delicious, homemade Maultaschen with warm potato salad. A Swabian delicacy! Served with vesper plates and toast specialties, cream soup and the very finest sliced ​​cheese.

For a happy ending

Eat well in the Danube look? The evening is still young? For groups in our restaurant, the Bacchusstube is the perfect place to celebrate. A short change of scenery, and hostess Margret continues very comfortably. Just inquire in advance.


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